Air Consultants, Inc.

About Us

Advanced Air Consultants is an environmental consulting company that focuses on air quality services and specializes in source testing. It was founded by the owner William Timpone in 1992. Based in Gainesville, GA, we have experience working in multiple states ranging from Arizona to New Jersey.

Advanced Air Consultants' purpose and mission is to help clients work together with regulatory agencies to achieve their environmental goals.

To provide quality work, we perform to the best standards possible. Where possible, we go beyond the regulatory requirements to provide better results.

Showing initiative for our clients is an important part of our work. It is our purpose to provide more than just test results. We use our testing experience to help our clients in any means. The nature of the data gathered in our work provides insight not only into air pollution control, but into the industrial process being evaluated. By helping our clients understand it fully, it can be a valuable tool for future reference.
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